UK moves to protect minors online

To ensure that the Web is safe for children, The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) will make online safety lessons compulsory for those over five years old from September 2011. The Council said in a CNN report last week that failing to tell children about online risks would make them more vulnerable.

The United State government said in a report last week that 99 percent of British children and teenagers aged eight to 17 years now have access to the Internet. However, research has shown that 18 percent of young people had come across “harmful or inappropriate” content online, and 33 percent of children said their parents were unaware of their Web activities.

Details of the online safety lessons are scant but they will be developed in the footsteps of well-known “green cross code” which was designed in the 1970s to give children information about road safety.

The online safety lessons are part of a “Click Clever Click Safe” strategy which will produce guidelines for government, industry and charities on how to protect children using the web.

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