Twitter Login Error and Backdated by One Year Bug Happen

Twitter‘s official Android app is currently logout users from their accounts, blocking users progress with an error when they try to log in again. Twitter’s mobile website also loading only blank white page. Tweetdeck client is reporting that every new tweets posted to be backdated by 365 days.

Twitter’s desktop web client and iOS app appear to be functioning as normal. It’s not yet clear what’s caused this odd problem, but according to a Tweet by Ninji, Twitter’s server may think it’s already 2015.

I MITMed Twitter for Android's login to see why it was failing. The Twitter servers think it's 2015. Amazing.

SiliconANGLE can confirm that the TweetDeck has a serious issue with displaying the time of tweets. At the time of writing dates on all tweets in TweetDeck are showing as being 365 days old or longer; new tweets are showing as 365d and old tweets minus 1 year and x number of days.

Twitter has confirmed on Twitter Status Blog for the sign in issue and Twitter’s Engineers are working to fix an issue that has affected ability of somer users to sign into the service online and through its mobile site, as well as apps like Twitter for Android, Echofon, and Twitterific. Twitter representative told The Verge that it would continue to provide updates to the situation on Twitter blog.

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