Turn off GeoTagging or Location Service to protect privacy

Most of GPS-equipped smartphones and digital cameras nowadays have GeoTagging or Location Services feature turned on by default to include geographic location information such as longitude and latitude of location when you take picture or using apps on this devices.

When these geotagged photos and/or videos are posted on the Internet on sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc., the geolocation information can be extracted from the pictures to find out exactly where it was taken. While you are not aware that you have compromise privacy or even safety when post these geotagged photos and/or videos online, predators can easily find out your location information such as your home, your commuting patterns and place you visit frequently by analyzing your geotagged photos.

Windows Phone

There are 2 options within Windows Phone to disable GeoTagging related features to protect yourself and others from potential privacy threats when using Windows Phone 7 privacy settings or Microsoft tools:

1. To disable Camera’s ability to tag photos and videos you’ve captured with your phone’s location
* Go to Settings >Applications >Pictures + camera
* Toggle the Include location (GPS) info in pictures you take
* Switch to Off

2. If you would like to have location information removed from the metadata of photos (EXIF tag) you upload from your phone to online
* Go to Settings >Applications >Pictures + camera
* Toggle the Keep location info on uploaded pictures
* Switch to Off.


Below are the steps to disable Location Services function on the iPhone:
For iPhones running iOS 3.x, there are two procedure related to disable geotagging on iPhones running iOS 3.x. Procedure #2 restores all Location based warnings to the app’s default setting which is usually “Ask on first use“.
Procedure #1
1. Go to Settings > General
2. Switch Locations Services to OFF.

Procedure #2
1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.
2. Select Reset Location Warnings.
3. Click on Reset Warnings

For iPhones running iOS 4.x
1. Go to Settings > General > Location Services.
2. Look for Camera and make sure that it’s turned OFF.

For removing GeoTags in photos already captured or posted, you can use Pro Photo Tools v2 from Microsoft.
Additional details on picture privacy settings can be found here: Windows® Phone 7 Privacy Statement