TaskJuggler 0.0.7 has been released

The TaskJuggler team has released the double-O-seven version of this free project management tool. It is an advanced Open Source project management program for Linux that has various features that go beyond commonly used Gantt chart editing software. It provides support during all states of project management, starting with the first concept and ending with project completion.

Besides implementing all the standard features of typical management tools, such as time lines, resource management, and contact lists, TaskJuggler includes a so-called Resource Conflict Solver, and allows you to assign running costs to resources.

Data can be exported in stardard CSV and iCal file formats for exchange with office software and productivity tools. Furthermore, it provides project tracking for clients, and supports multiple time zone planning.

Since TaskJuggler is open source, anybody can contribute to the development or implement customized versions. For more information see the TaskJuggler web site.

Source by Juergen Haas, Linux Guide

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