BioWare Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designer Response to Criticisms

In an in-depth interview with International Business Times UK, Mass Effect: Andromeda Lead Designer Ian Frazer admitted the game was originally going to be procedurally generated. When Frazier was asked about the criticisms and how it’s affected BioWare’s post-launch plans for Mass Effect Andromeda, he said.

Our intent was to always be flexible because you don’t know how fans are going to react. You don’t know what they’re going to get super-attached to, positively or negatively. So we went in thinking ‘here’s some stuff we’re definitely going to do, and then here’s some stuff we might do, maybe, let’s see how the fans react. So to a large extent I think things are sort of on track, with regards to post-launch plans. Obviously the particulars change, but the overall timetable doesn’t.

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