Small Business Ideas for Networking and Build Relationships to Grow Business

Advice and Mentorship

  • Develop industry contacts by using networking tools like LinkedIn.
  • Volunteer for community service.
  • Join university alumni groups, trade associations and local civic organizations like your chamber of commerce.
  • Establish a social media presence and promote it.


  • Serve as the primary salesperson for your company.
  • Inspire word-of-mouth marketing, which is less expensive and often more effective.
  • Know what sets you, your company and your “brand” apart.
  • Gain trust from potential customers.

Knowledge and Resources

  • Exchange business cards and get small business ideas from others in your field.
  • Use search engine optimization to increase your company’s online visibility.
  • Identify the top seven people to meet at an event and establish goals for each interaction.


  • Invest in customer relationship management software to build on interactions and promote business income growth.
  • Develop and foster new relationships, which may be funding resources.
  • Look to local resources for early-stage investors.

Information is accurate as of July, 2016 and is intended for use by USAA, its members, and prospects. USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.
Source from USAA: Small Business Ideas for Networking

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