Best Practices to Achieve Maximum Exposure and Maintain Success for App

Nielsen reported that the average number of Apps on a smartphone increased from 32 to 41 and Apps’ share of Internet usage increased from 73% to 81% in the last year.


Is your app worth its digital weight?
Don’t get lost among the 558,065 Android Apps. 103.9 Android Apps added to the market daily and 26% of low quality apps.

You’ve made the perfect app, now what? 3 best practices in app distribution are:
1. The importance of first impressions: use specific key words to reach the right audience. 56% of users find apps by searching for them.

2. More (good) ratings = higher rankings. Remind your customers to rate your app and get external app review sites to rate your app. Make sure your app doesn’t crash.

3. Pay to be pre-loaded (Pre-loaded apps – those that come with devices)
Option 1: Bookmark – Minimum of 1 Million Phones in order $210,000 total
Option 2: Pre-installation of app – Minimum of 1 Million phones in order $480,000 total

Android’s Hipster (Alternative) App Stores
Why use alternative App Stores?
– All app stores do not sell the same app for the same price.
– All of these app stores encourage developers to choose them to publish their apps with.

Top 5 Alternative App Stores:
– Amazon apps (Review process that encourages apps to be of high quality)
– SlideMe (You can take up to 91% of the sales revenue home)
– GetJar (Popular because of its free launching service)
– MOBANGO Mobile Power (Offers a free service to app publishers)
– appsfire (Has over 7 million users and is growing in popularity)

Think globally, don’t limit your app to local markets
– Largest app markets: UK, Canada, Australia, France & Germany.
– Fastest growing app markets including China (App growth 2011: 870%), Argentina (App growth 2011: 527%) and Israel (App growth 2011: 427%).

Maintain your success by:
– Update your app regularly about every 4-6 weeks. This shows commitment to your customers.
– Make more than one app. In more than one category, even if the other apps aren’t great.
– Make sure your app improves and releases a new version to keep pace with what’s out there.