How Pokemon Go Players Engage with Business

We survey 500 Pokemon Go players to understand who they are and how they engage with businesses with playing the Pokemon Go.

Who’s Playing?

Prime time for Pokemon

Players are most active: Weekday evenings (Monday – Thursday) and Weekend afternoons

Getting down to business

The more you know: PokeStops and Gyms are popular location that attract players. They are established by game engineers and cannot be influenced by players.

The more you know: Lures can be purchased in-app, for $0.99. They’re used to lure Pokemon to a specific location. Because the object of the game is to catch Pokemon, lures attract players as well.

We asked players how frequently they’re lured to a business as a result of the game:

What types of businesses do players visit?

Tips for businesses

Now that you understand the opportunities at hand, here are tips for taking advantage:

Drop lures

The most straightforward way to attract customers is to download the game, pay $0.99 for a 30 minutes lure, and drop it at the location of your business. Try this on weeknights, weekend afternoons, or any time business is slow.

Get social

If you or any of your customers catch Pokemon at your business location, brag about it on social media. If you want to run a Pokemon-related promotion, talk it up on social. Be a vocal contributor to this global phenomenon!

Get creative

Try to think of creative promotions you can relate to the game. Maybe you want to reward customers who catch Pokemon in your store, or give discounts to members of certain teams (Mystic, Valor and Instinct).

Talk Pokemon

Whether people are already in your business, or nearby, talk about the game. One of the most compelling effects of the game is that it’s getting millions of strangers to interact in person. Be one of the those strangers … you might find yourself with a new customer or a new friend!

Be authentic

All this said, if Pokemon Go isn’t for you or your customers, don’t force the issue. You know your brand identity better than anyone, and if you think relating it with little digital creatures from a mobile gaming app doesn’t ring true, don’t feel compelled to participate.

Source from Slant