Building Apps with ResearchKit – WWDC15

WWDC15ResearchKit is an open source framework introduced by Apple that allows researchers and developers to create powerful apps for medical research. Learn how to easily create visual consent flows, real-time dynamic active tasks, and surveys using a variety of customizable modules that you can build upon and share with the community.
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Best Practices for Progress Reporting – WWDC15

WWDC15NSProgress lets you easily and accurately report the progress of work in your app. Understand the concepts behind progress reporting and how to design code that accurately and efficiently reports its progress. Gain specific insights on how to receive progress updates from framework APIs, fold that into your own progress reporting, and show that progress in your app. Hear from the experts about best practices and how to master the NSProgress APIs.
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Apple Watch Accessibility – WWDC15

WWDC15Building on the strong accessibility support in iOS, Apple Watch offers assistive features like VoiceOver and Zoom. Gain insights into how these accessibility features work on Apple Watch, and how to make sure your app can be accessible to all users.
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App Extension Best Practices – WWDC15

WWDC15App extensions allow powerful ways to expose your application’s abilities throughout iOS and other apps. Discover best practices for various extension types and see how to effectively communicate between your extension and its parent application or the network. Learn techniques for using the shared keychain and see how to improve discovery of your share and action extensions.
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Advanced Touch Input on iOS – WWDC15

WWDC15Learn about the touch input and drawing pipelines. Gain specific insights in how best to design your app to minimize latency in receiving touches and maximizing the performance of drawing content on the screen. Explore new API in UIKit and learn best practices for faster and smoother input.
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