Organise and Follow Up on Email

In the early days of the World Wide Web, pundits and academics spilled a fair bit of ink about getting lost in cyberspace. Much less ink was devoted to a topic that continues to haunt most of us: getting lost in our email inboxes. Forget spam; the frequency of incoming messages and the ability of our ISPs and hard drives to store gigabytes of them means that we need some serious tools to navigate the vast email sea.

Efficiency experts may tell you to follow up on messages within 5 minutes, but some of us live in the real world. We need flags for reminders and categories to help organise.
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Steps for making Home Video

Some video is just plain hard to edit, like random shots from the beach, or garden scenes from Monticello. Rather than spending hours trying to shape these scenes into a watchable video, convert them to a music video.
For example, with Studio’s music feature, you choose the video scenes and the background music. Studio will then analyse the video footage, cut the best shots into short clips that it matches to the beat of the music, and adds effects.
Our favourite tool for this is muvee Technologies’ autoProducer 6 (USD109.95 direct,, which gives you many styles and options.
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Shooting and Editing Better Movie

Millions of words and photographs have been devoted to telling amateur cinematographers how to shoot videos, but in my experience this advice can be broken down into two rules. These rules apply across all editing platforms, not just Pinnacle Studio, and if you abide by them you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.
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Different between Spam and Spoofing

Spam Email is any email message that is unwanted or unrequested by the recipient. Simply put it is Internet junk mail . Most of spam messages are chain letters, political mailings and commercial advertising. If you do receive a scam email, you should not click on any of the links it contains or believe anything it says. Ideally you should delete it straight away.

Email Spoofing refers to email that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source. People who Spam typically want email to appear to be from an email address that may not exist. This way the email cannot be traced back to the originator.
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SEO Reputation Management Plan

To pushing positive content to the top of Google’s search results page while pushing down negative results, things you need to spend time doing…

1) Blogging : Find blogs that deal in your area of business, post comments, help other, write articles on your subject.

2) Directory listings : Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords.

3) Direct reviews : get as many of your customer to review your server post them on your site on articles etc…

3) Online publicity : Syndicated article writing, links, and banners.

4) Social networking : Posting pages on and Facebook.

5) Look for 3rd party opportunities to include information about your company (product retailers, parts suppliers, distributors, etc).

6) Create micro sites.

7) Consider a paid search engine listing for your company name or brand.
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Use Underscore or Hyphen in SEF’s URL?

Google does prefer hyphens as compared to underscores, as hyphen is considered a keyword divider. However, they do not suggest changing it, once your are already using underscores. While this may seem bit contradicting info, it seems that hyphens/underscores play only minor role. The Google team confirmed they will (in the future) consider underscores and hyphens equally.

My suggestion would be: If you have a large number of pages, leave it. If you have less pages (or plenty of time) use 301 to redirect them.
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Google PageRank Sudden Drop

Google is constantly tweaking its algorhythms. They are in an ongoing battle with people trying to get rankings they don’t deserve. There is really no way of knowing how many backlinks you have in Google, as they don’t share all of that information. Yahoo is generally accepted as the site to check your backlinks in. You also don’t “lose” your backlinks, all you lose is the value of certain backlinks, as google devaules them based on a number of factors.

Google also has separate criteria for ranking for different keywords. The rules for ranking for “real estate” aren’t the same as ranking for “funny videos’. That is why only certain keywords are being affected.
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