Opera Next Update 22.0.1471.40 Released

Opera Desktop Team have released updated Opera Next 22.0.1471.40 which contains critical fixes including DNA-15585 – Insecure Youtube pages: After logging in to YouTube, the content would now be shown as secure. The secure https badge should be visible as along as the user is logged in.

Full changelog of Opera Next Update 22.0.1471.40:

  • CHR-2516 Update chromium on stable-35-1471 to 1916.114
  • DNA-15585 Insecure Youtube pages
  • DNA-18521 [Win] Unable to type Chinese at address field containing a visited URL
  • DNA-18957 Disable context menus in webauth flow window
  • DNA-19889 [Win] Opera crash on opening a tab with ‘onload print’ in the background
  • DNA-19997 Auto-update does not work on MacOSX 10.6 and Opera 22
  • DNA-20224 [Win] After uninstalling Opera survey is not shown
  • DNA-20277 [bn][te][hi][ta]chrome.identity API usage callout text cutoff
  • DNA-20352 [Win] Network installer should return error codes
  • DNA-20357 [Win] Network installer: download fails: redirect to a disallowed domain
  • DNA-20425 Opening a new tab and quickly pasting URL appends “about:blank” to the end of the string
  • DNA-20523 Clicking on extension puzzle icon in the address bar crashes Opera
  • DNA-20705 Images don’t print properly

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac
Or go here for offline installation: Opera Next offline package for windows
Important note for Mac OS 10.6 Users: you have to manually download this build.