Opera Next update 21.0.1432.39 Released

Opera Desktop Team released Opera Next update 21.0.1432.39 on 10 Apr 2014, now scale with screens that use 200% DPI setting in Windows and deliver few bugfixes.

Changelog for 21.0.1432.39 – 2014-04-10:

  • DNA-13671 Opera should override forced Win 8.1 scaling when HiDPI support is off
  • DNA-16714 Opera 19+ UI is tiny
  • DNA-17238 [Win] Unable to tab to any of the installer page fields
  • DNA-17742 Unrecoverable crashloop on startup in TemplateURLService::RegisterOnLoadedCallback
  • DNA-17792 Adding speed dial when using tab to focus add it cause adding pages 3 times
  • DNA-17824 [Mac] Sliding toolbar draws over the browser toolbar when animating
  • DNA-18409 Bookmark titles truncated
  • DNA-18420 [Mac] Sliding toolbars fade in when there are other toolbars present
  • DNA-18425 [Win] Overlapping Close “X” button on tabs when switching between using CTRL+TAB
  • DNA-18462 ‘Clear setting’ in geo/cam badge does not look like clickable
  • DNA-18503 [Win] Touch screen – impossible to select items from address bar dropdown
  • DNA-18595 Replace Wikipedia SD folder entry in UK with MediaFed Formula1 campaign

Opera Next netinstaller for Windows
Opera Next for Mac
Opera Next for Windows

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