NORAD Tracks Santa for 2014 Official Site and Apps Released

Microsoft has partnered with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to create NORAD Santa Tracker for 2014 official web site, iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps, allows people to track Santa as he makes his annual trip around the globe. NORAD Santa Tracker was done to promote Internet Explorer campaign to Rethink campaign. Besides, NORAD Santa Tracker for 2014 official web site included lot more robust and features videos, games, Christmas music and more in addition to just the tracker itself.

NORAD Santa Tracker features a beautiful, inviting landscape in the classic “Claymation” holiday style. The experience is optimized for touch, from the rotatable globe to the parallax-style navigation to the brand new games. On December 24th, when Santa’s journey begins, you will be able to track him on an interactive, 3D globe – featuring a Bing Maps overlay. Additionally, at every stop along the way, users will be able to click off to a specially-curated Bing results page – to get fun facts and beautiful imagery for each location.

NORAD Tracks Santa Official Site
Norad Tracks Santa Windows Phone App
NORAD Tracks Santa iOS App
NORAD Tracks Santa Android App