Method to Get Alerted for The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2017 will officially kick off at 9 p.m. Eastern time on July 10 for 30 hours with nearly 100,000 products on sale. Here are 3 ways to get notified of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day using Amazon Shopping app on Android and iOS or camelcamelcamel.

Watch deals of Amazon Shopping app on Android and iOS

  1. Tap the drop down button in the top left to expand the menu.
  2. Select Today’s Deals.
  3. Swipe left to switch to the Upcoming tab to view all the deals which haven’t started yet.
  4. Beneath each item is a button that says Watch this deal.

To enable notifications in the Amazon Shopping app settings:

  1. Tap the drop down button in the top left to expand the menu and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Notifications and to the right of Your Watched & Waitlisted Deals make sure the toggle is in the On position.

Retailers are pushing apps because it gives them 24/7 access to their customers. On Prime Day, it becomes even more important for Amazon to have the Amazon App on as many devices as possible. Amazon customers who are maybe not even thinking about Prime Day may become curious after receiving a notification from Amazon via the app.

said Phillip Dengler, who tracks Prime Day and other deals for

Add items to wish list

Add items to wish list by long pressing and dragging it to your list at the bottom. During Amazon Prime Day, Amazon will notify you if items from your wish list are part of a Prime Day deal.

Better wish list alerts with camelcamelcamel

camelcamelcamel has a wish list sync allows to build Amazon wish list and create a rule for which you want to be notified. camelcamelcamel creates an RSS feed for price drop alerts for you to add the alerts to your favorite RSS reader.

To set up wish list alerts:

  1. Login
  2. At the top of the site, click Your account.
  3. In the left menu, click Wishlists.
  4. Click Add Wishlist.
  5. Go to your Amazon wish list and click Share.
  6. Copy the list URL and paste it in the Wishlist URL field on camelcamelcamel.
  7. Under Advanced Options, select which prices you wish to watch.
  8. Set a desired price, either a static price or an amount below the current or lowest recorded price.
  9. Click Add Wishlist to finish.