New Mainframe System IBM z14 with Real-Time Pervasive Data Encryption Engine

IBM rolled out next-generation mainframe dubbed IBM z14 #IBMz which capable to handle 12 billion real-time encrypted transactions a day, two million Docker containers and 1,000 concurrent NoSQL databases via three times the memory of the z13 and 3x faster I/O and transaction processing. IBM Z is an encryption engine that will encrypt all data associated with every level of a network, from applications to local databases and cloud services, all the time and reduce the attack surface for enterprises about 92 percent.

IBM co-designed the IBM Z with 150 clients including security experts and chief security officers.

IBM System z

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We think this will be broadly adopted across financial services, government, retail and travel and transportation, The encryption is critical for all industries. This new system allows for a customer to encrypt all data on the mainframe. This feature rose to the top regardless of industry or country. Security is a board level issue.

Said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM Z.

Big Blue also said it plans to build six IBM Cloud Blockchain data centers with IBM Z as the encryption engine to cater to the financial services sector.

The IBM Z mainframe encrypt data with public 256-bit AES encryption, up to 13 gigabytes of data per second per chip, with roughly 24 chips per mainframe using proprietary on-chip processing hardware depending on the configuration.

This represents a 400 percent increase in silicon that’s dedicated specifically to cryptographic processes—over six billion transistors dedicated to cryptography, So for any type of transaction system we can now get the safety that we’re all after, which just hasn’t really been attainable up to this point.
It can process 12 billion transactions per day on one machine. If you take something like Cyber Monday there’s probably about 30 million transactions that go on, So one of these machines can process that kind of crazy workload without even breaking a sweat in less than a day.

Says Caleb Barlow, vice president of threat intelligence at IBM Security.


Three container pricing models will be available by the end of the year for z/OS V2.2 and z/OS V2.3.

  • New microservices and applications pricing can be co-located based on quality of service requirements.
  • Application development and test environments will be tripled so capacity can be raised without license increase.
  • Payment systems pricing based on the volume of payments not capacity.

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