New Features and Cities Added to Bing Maps Apps for Windows 8.1

Microsoft announce major updates to both the Maps and the Bing Maps Preview app for Windows 8.1, available for download in the Windows Store (Bing Maps preview and map app.) You’ll see dozens of updates centered on helping you get more done in one integrated maps experience. [ad] The Bing Platform Makes Personalized Recommendations With the new auto-suggest feature, both apps leverage the intelligence of the Bing platform to provide you personalized experience which in turn helps you get more done. Now when you type into the search box, Bing displays your past searches for places and addresses as well as places you may have already saved as favorites. It also packs in recommendations for popular searches nearby and inline insights. Microsoft are partnering with the leading companies in the space – Yelp and TripAdvisor. These suggestions are custom-built for the apps, now you can see if a restaurant is worth going to, without leaving the experience. Your Favorites Now Roam With these updates you can create and manage the places and addresses that matter most to you across your Windows devices. Say, you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas. As you explore the stunning 3D imagery of the strip and save the places you want to visit as favorites, the app will automatically save that information to the cloud. Cortana and Bing Map apps On the soon to be released Windows Phone 8.1 update (US-only,) these saved favorites will also show up inside Cortana’s notebook under “Places”. Search More Quickly Microsoft have woven the search box directly into the map. More Cities and New Ways to Explore 3D Maps Using the new Explore 3D pane & Featured 3D Cities carousel you can quickly dive into any of our 96 cities. You can now explore the following cities: 1. Richmond, VA 2. Providence, RI 3. Austin, TX 4. Tucson, AZ 5. Jacksonville, FL 6. Lincoln, NE 7. Las Vegas, NV 8. Reno, NV 9. Daytona Beach, FL