DSVolition Revealed Agents of Mayhem, The‬ Firing Squad: Scheherazade, Oni and Kingpin

Deep Silver and Volition shared a new trailer for Agents of Mayhem revealed another team of three agents, known as the Firing Squad: Oni, Kingpin and Scheherazade, leverage their teleport technology capability to swap in and out of combat on the fly.

The three agents are:

Scheherazade: The Iranian enigmatic assassin, has a thousand stories about her past and no one knows the truth, no one that is, apart from Persephone. Incredibly mobile and incredibly deadly Scheherazade fights with her sword or debilitating knives and has the speed to vanish only to reappear next to her target. When melee and evasion are not enough, Scheherazade uses the support of the rest of her team.

Oni: Former yakuza assassin left the world of organized crime to join MAYHEM. From behind the mempo mask, Oni radiates an aura of fear that weakens most enemies before he uses his pistols to deal a fatal kill-shot.

Kingpin / Saints Row’s Pierce Washington: Stilwater born and raised, hip-hop wannabe star recruited into MAYHEM after Persephone witnessed his capabilities on Devil’s Night, able to cover any situation with his machine gun, when the going gets tough, calls down an irresistible musical force that hypnotizes enemies into a dancing fever they will never walk away from.

Deep Silver also mentioned about futuristic transportation technology within the game, teleportation powers to swap in and out of combat on the fly, letting you heal one character while the other enters the fight.

With the teleport technology capability of Mayhem, agents in your squad are able to instantly teleport into and out of combat. This allows on-the-fly swapping of agents in the field, allowing one to heal while another takes their place, or allowing the best agent for a particular fight or task in your squad of three to replace the currently active one.

Agents of Mayhem releases to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 15th in North America and August 18th in Europe.

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