Deals on Facebook buy with Facebook Credits

Facebook announced Deals on Facebook officially launch late yesterday and five test cities include Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco are supposed to go live today. Facebook believes that with community which more than 600 million members linked together will share and spread the Deals more easy.


There are several way to find the Deals on Facebook, User will either receive the deals updates via email and notifications. The deals will also show up in news feed at some point of time when your friends share deals information such as buy or like. Additionally, you can can check out the Deals tab on your Facebook homepage. If you want to get in on the Deals on Facebook service then you will need to click “like” to the page.

According to Emily White, Facebook’s director for local, Deals on Facebook will focus on offers for things that are best done with friends such like concerts or events. Additionally, Ms. White mentioned that Deals on Facebook may boost to Facebook Credits which is Facebook’s virtual currency:

Users will be able to buy Deals with a credit card or with Credits. Until now, Credits could only be used to buy virtual goods inside games and some digital products like movie rentals. It is first time it has been used to purchase a voucher that is redeemable for real goods

According to Facebook Blog, Facebook are working with aDealio, Gilt City, HomeRun, kgb deals, OpenTable, Plum District, PopSugar City, ReachLocal, Tippr, viagogo, and zozi for Deals on Facebook.
via The New York Times

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