Cost of IT Support Downtime in Business

IT downtime statistics you need to know:

Other losses related to IT support downtime

Customer loss: For every hour of IT downtime, companies lose the chance to generate leads and convert a lead into a buyer.

Loss of employee productivity: IT downtime has a direct and huge effect on the employee’s productivity, especially the ones that rely on big amounts of data from the servers.

Repair and recover expenses: Companies need to shell out money to fix the IT issue and have the servers running again or improve their IT infrastructure.

Overtime costs: Repair of an IT issue and upgrade of system could result in overtime or additional costs for trainers and employees.

Damage to business reputation: Downtime issues can be a public relations nightmare, especially in today’s highly connected world. Incidents can go viral and ruin your company’s reputation quickly through world of mouth.

Potential lawsuits: If the downtime incidents resulted in huge production losses or even disruption of financial matters, It could even lead to possible litigation, contract penalties, and loss of stock value.

Strained customer relations: Sometimes, it is often harder to regain an old customer than generate a new one. IT downtime can lead to additional expenses in wooing old customer back.

Damage to marketing campaigns: Downtime incidents gone viral will derail marketing efforts, which means teams must come up with new ways to regain the markets they lost.

How to minimize and avoid IT support downtime

In terms of business continuity, having a good IT outsourcing as a support system like Merlin can help minimize and avoid IT support downtime through the following:

Remote and on-site support

Remote support can prevent both temporary and all-out IT downtime disasters as remote teams can provide instructions even to non-technical team members. For more complex issues, on-site support can help teams fix issues right away and provide potential additional training.

24-hour support

The ability to contact your IT provider immediately can spell the difference between a temporary and minor IT glitch, as well as an all-out IT and PR nightmare.


Human error is one of the most common causes of IT downtime. Continuously monitoring the systems for viruses and malicious programs can prevent IT downtime.

Source from Merlin