Color Splash Effect Pro for Android by Lyrebird Studio

A recent publication from Lyrebird Studio, the makers of Color Splash Effects Pro showcases the photo app’s unique visual possibilities, now that it is optimized for Android tablets powered by Intel Atom processors.

The marketing document presents the application’s features, like easy black and white conversation that retains the original colors that users can draw back in with a brush tool. The effect is dreamy, high-impact images that users can enhance further with textures, filters and frames. Sharing these breathtaking pictures on Facebook*, Twitter* or Instagram* is simple with the tap of a finger.

Digital images can be instantly converted to black and white while retaining the original tones. An agile, adjustable brush allows users to draw the colors back in on specific parts of the composition. The results are vibrant, unique creations and photographers can produce as many versions of the same image as they like.

33 filters and 18 light overlays as well as a wide assortment of other tools like filters, textures and frames give these images even more resonance and complexity. The elegant interface allows beginners to experiment freely and professionals to get exactly what they want.

The brochure also points out that Color Splash Effect Pro can reach an even larger photographic audience of Android users. High-resolution, compelling images are easy to achieve on this powerful platform.

Features of Color Splash Effect Pro for Intel Atom Tablets for Android:
– Stunning, High-Resolution Images
– Black and White Conversion with Original Color Retention
– Brush Tool with Hard or Soft Edge, Opaque or Transparent
– 33 Effects
– 18 Light Overlays
– 12 Textures
– Sharing on Social Media Platforms

To download Color Splash Effect Pro, visit:
Color Splash Effect Pro Available on Google Play