Chiliad Mystery Gurus Revealed Alien Egg Supply Run Mission in GTA V Online

Chiliad Mystery Guru Team outlined The Alien Egg Supply Run Mission of Grand Theft Auto V Online via PC Gamer. To trigger the mission, Apparently have to complete 601 Gunrunning sales and then begin a supply run between 21:00 and 23:00 for the in-game clock to trigger the alien mission, reportedly only trigger once.

GTA Alien Egg Supply Run Mission

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Players are sent on a typical mission to steal some supplies, when they happen to stumble upon a crashed alien spacecraft. You can’t actually go into the spaceship, but you can grab yourself an alien egg. Unfortunately, the aliens aren’t going to let you steal their unborn without a fight. A small group of aliens spawn once you grab the egg, and you have to fight them off. The aliens look pretty much identical to the ones seen in previous “hallucinatory” missions like Grass Roots and Did Somebody Say Yoga? Also, these aliens go down pretty easily – they definitely don’t have any sort of bullet-shielding technology.

The Guru Team Presents: The Alien Egg Supply Run!! from chiliadmystery

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