What’s New in Cocoa – WWDC15

WWDC15Cocoa is a powerful set of frameworks on which OS X is built. Gain an overview of the advances in AppKit, Foundation, and related frameworks. Find out what technologies you need to focus on and what techniques you should adopt to develop state of the art apps for OS X. Start here for a high level view of what’s changed, and get pointers to relevant sessions for more depth.
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WatchKit Tips and Tricks – WWDC15

WWDC15Apple Watch apps should load quickly and be responsive to users. Learn tips and tricks for optimizing your existing apps and gain insights specific to communicating between Apple Watch and iPhone, creating responsive layouts, decreasing loading times, and more.
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WatchKit In-Depth, Part 2 – WWDC15

WWDC15Move beyond architecture changes for Watch apps and explore the different ways you can use the Digital Crown to enhance your apps. Find out how to create persistent app experiences to keep your Watch app at the ready for users and learn how to use the playback and recording APIs to add audio and video to your Watch apps.
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WatchKit In-Depth, Part 1 – WWDC15

WWDC15watchOS 2 provides a new architecture that runs your WatchKit extension directly on Apple Watch. Take an in-depth look at how this new architecture works. Learn how to migrate existing WatchKit apps to watchOS 2, how to support both versions of watchOS, and hear about updates to Glances and Notifications.
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