Metal Performance Optimization Techniques – WWDC15

WWDC15Learn best practices to maximize the efficiency of your Metal based apps and attain high frame rates. Gain insight into powerful tools for analyzing and optimizing performance for both the CPU and GPU. Discover how to identify bottlenecks, tune performance hot-spots, and overcome any hurdles that could keep your app from reaching its potential.
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Managing 3D Assets with Model I/O – WWDC15

WWDC15Model I/O provides a seamless infrastructure for accessing and managing 3D models. Its high-performance architecture supports reading and writing popular mesh and model formats, textures, and materials. Get introduced to the Model I/O framework and learn key details about its integration with SceneKit, MetalKit, and GLKit.
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Introducing GameplayKit – WWDC15

WWDC15GameplayKit provides a collection of essential tools and techniques used to implement gameplay logic. Get introduced to the GameplayKit framework and see how to put its capabilities to work in your own titles. Learn about managing state machines, controlling game entities, and implementing rule systems. Dive into its built-in tools for randomization, pathfinding, and advanced simulation.
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Going Social with ReplayKit and Game Center – WWDC15

WWDC15ReplayKit provides an easy-to-use framework that lets players record their gameplay — amazing plays, great victories, or solutions to tough challenges — and share video with other players and viewers online. Get introduced to the ReplayKit framework and see how to enable its capability for sharing game video and audio in your games and other apps. Then get the latest news about Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network. Learn about the new model for pre-release testing with Game Center and enhancements for multiplayer games.
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Enhancements to SceneKit – WWDC15

WWDC15SceneKit is a high-level graphics framework that helps you create 3D animated scenes and effects in your apps. See how to take advantage of the new capabilities and performance gains enabled by SceneKit’s new Metal-based renderer. Check out the innovative Scene Editor, enabling you to build game levels and other scenes directly within Xcode. Learn about new features for realistic shading, enhancements for physics, and dynamic spatial audio.
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