Building Responsive and Efficient Apps with GCD – WWDC15

WWDC15watchOS and iOS Multitasking place increased demands on your application’s efficiency and responsiveness. With expert guidance from the GCD team, learn about threads, queues, runloops and best practices for their use in a modern app. Take a deep dive into QoS, its propagation and advanced techniques for debugging your GCD-enabled app.
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Apple Pay Within Apps – WWDC15

WWDC15Apple Pay is the easy, secure, and private way to pay for physical goods and services within apps on iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3. Find out how you can increase conversion rates in your checkout experience by integrating with Apple Pay APIs. And learn more about what’s new with Apple Pay within apps in iOS 9.
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Achieving All-day Battery Life – WWDC15

WWDC15Learn why efficient software is the key to long battery life for both OS X and iOS devices. We’ll explore where the energy in our batteries goes, how Apple hardware and software efficiently manage energy, and how you can make your code most efficient to ensure long battery life.
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What’s New in Web Development in WebKit and Safari – WWDC15

WWDC15Learn about exciting new features in WebKit and Safari that will help you make your content feel alive. See compelling new interactions made possible by the Force Touch trackpad and enhanced scrolling support. Expand your design toolkit with high performance filters for stunning image and backdrop effects, and embrace the connected living room with updated AirPlay support.
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What’s New in Core Image – WWDC15

WWDC15The newly-unified architecture of Core Image gives iOS and OS X apps access to even more image processing power. Learn about new CIFilters and enhancements to the CIKernel language. See how to use Core Image with AV Foundation and Metal to expand the capabilities of your app.
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