Use Underscore or Hyphen in SEF’s URL?

Google does prefer hyphens as compared to underscores, as hyphen is considered a keyword divider. However, they do not suggest changing it, once your are already using underscores. While this may seem bit contradicting info, it seems that hyphens/underscores play only minor role. The Google team confirmed they will (in the future) consider underscores and hyphens equally.

My suggestion would be: If you have a large number of pages, leave it. If you have less pages (or plenty of time) use 301 to redirect them.
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Google PageRank Sudden Drop

Google is constantly tweaking its algorhythms. They are in an ongoing battle with people trying to get rankings they don’t deserve. There is really no way of knowing how many backlinks you have in Google, as they don’t share all of that information. Yahoo is generally accepted as the site to check your backlinks in. You also don’t “lose” your backlinks, all you lose is the value of certain backlinks, as google devaules them based on a number of factors.

Google also has separate criteria for ranking for different keywords. The rules for ranking for “real estate” aren’t the same as ranking for “funny videos’. That is why only certain keywords are being affected.
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Find older versions of Logitech QuickCam driver

To get older versions of the Logitech software, please visit the Logitech FTP website.
Once there, browse around until you find what you are looking for. The currently available versions of the QuickCam software can be found by following this link
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Web Development Practices for SEO

The purpose of this article is to focus on the internal structure of the site for SEO and ways to maximize document relevancy for user searches. A general rule of thumb is to follow good usability and accessibility practices which essentially result in better ranking. The following are not given in order of importance. A well coverage in all of these areas is encouraged for a sound, stable site that will gain its authority over time. These are:
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