The best antivirus software for 2009

What is the best antivirus software for 2009 and why? I saw the same question but it was several years old. has the answer changed?

I would go with the AVG 8.x (current) product. It will give you all of the protection you need for the AV/Anti-spyware side.

I have never been a fan of any software FW product. Use the native XP/Vista FW on your computers and add a small Linksys FW/Router (hardware) at your incoming internet connection.
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Microsoft Outlook 2003 – Auto Archive Read Receipts

Set up a rule to move them to a specified folder and mark as read.

1. First create the folder you want them to go to.

2. Then in outlook go to tools / Rules and Alerts.

3. Add a rule that moves all items that have “read” in the subject line to the folder you have created (you can also add an action to mark them as read)
Hope this helps

Retrieve deleted items from Gmail

When you click “Move to Trash”, the selected message(s) will be moved to the “Trash” folder in Gmail. If you selected messages from the “Trash” folder and clicked the “Delete Forever” button, then they are deleted, forever.

Without direct access to the hard drive(s) that stored your messages, you have no chance of getting them back.

eople have contacted google over the matter and their response is “if its gone from TRASH folder it cant be retrieved”.
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Wordtracker versus Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The significant difference is that WordTracker has results for many major engines, where Google has results for ‘Google‘, and does not include the numbers data that Wordtracker does. The popularity of a keyword is based upon the amount of times it is searched, not the number of impressions, which is why you can have a number of variables to keyword phrases.

Wordtracker also shows you how many other sites are competing for the same phrases, and offers what they call a KEI rating to give you probability for getting organic rankings for specific phrases.
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Where can find Facebook Chat history?

I just checked with Facebook and here is a link to the information about Chat:

“You can view recent conversation history by opening a chat window with your friend. You cannot view older conversations at this time or conversations with friends who are not currently online.”
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Add Wikipedia search box to blog

There’s always a way to do this sort of thing and Wikipedia is a splendid example of exactly how to reverse engineer a search box and pour it into a rudimentary form. Let’s dig into it and you’ll see what I mean!!

Go to the site’s home page and you’ll see that they have a very simple search box with no fancy bells and whistles:

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Drive Imaging With Windows Vista

Pre-vista, Windows admins setting up drive-imaging systems had no choice but to use third-party utilities; by contrast, in early demonstrations of Vista, Microsoft emphasised the OS’s image-management capabilities. You’ll find these in ImageX, a command-line tool in Vista used to create and manage Windows image (WIM) files.
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Tweaks to Extend Laptop’s Life

Don’t give up on your old, slow notebook just yet. With a few of our tricks, you may be able to drive it right up until the wheels fall off.

In recent years, notebook prices have dropped considerably but they’re still expensive pieces of equipment. For most users, shopping for a new machine every year or two just isn’t an option. It makes sense to wring as much life as possible from your current notebook, to get the best possible return or your investment whether it’s SGD1000 or SGD3,500. Fortunately, with judicious settings and a few accessories, you can significantly extend the life of your laptop.
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