Burger King Twitter hack generated over 450,000 related tweets

The hacking of Burger King’s Twitter account earlier this week generated around 450,000 tweets according to research. The incident generated number of tweets in connection to hacking that claimed Burger King had been bought by McDonalds.


30,000 New followers in 1 day
300% increase on BK conversations
Over 450,000 Tweets
– USA: 262K
– EMEA: 120K
– LATAM: 42K
– APAC: 26K

Feb 17, 2013:
11:15:00 – Burger King’s Twitter Account gets hacked.
13:00:00 – The account gets suspended.
14:00:00 – Peak of conversations with 160,000 tweets in one hour.
17:00:00 – Conversations die down