Wordtracker versus Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The significant difference is that WordTracker has results for many major engines, where Google has results for ‘Google‘, and does not include the numbers data that Wordtracker does. The popularity of a keyword is based upon the amount of times it is searched, not the number of impressions, which is why you can have a number of variables to keyword phrases.

Wordtracker also shows you how many other sites are competing for the same phrases, and offers what they call a KEI rating to give you probability for getting organic rankings for specific phrases.
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Where can find Facebook Chat history?

I just checked with Facebook and here is a link to the information about Chat:


“You can view recent conversation history by opening a chat window with your friend. You cannot view older conversations at this time or conversations with friends who are not currently online.”
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Add Wikipedia search box to blog

There’s always a way to do this sort of thing and Wikipedia is a splendid example of exactly how to reverse engineer a search box and pour it into a rudimentary form. Let’s dig into it and you’ll see what I mean!!

Go to the site’s home page and you’ll see that they have a very simple search box with no fancy bells and whistles:

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Drive Imaging With Windows Vista

Pre-vista, Windows admins setting up drive-imaging systems had no choice but to use third-party utilities; by contrast, in early demonstrations of Vista, Microsoft emphasised the OS’s image-management capabilities. You’ll find these in ImageX, a command-line tool in Vista used to create and manage Windows image (WIM) files.
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Tweaks to Extend Laptop’s Life

Don’t give up on your old, slow notebook just yet. With a few of our tricks, you may be able to drive it right up until the wheels fall off.

In recent years, notebook prices have dropped considerably but they’re still expensive pieces of equipment. For most users, shopping for a new machine every year or two just isn’t an option. It makes sense to wring as much life as possible from your current notebook, to get the best possible return or your investment whether it’s SGD1000 or SGD3,500. Fortunately, with judicious settings and a few accessories, you can significantly extend the life of your laptop.
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PC Chipsets Today – Choice and Confusion

There was a raft of new chipset and motherboard announcements at Computex in Taiwan this year.

We often wrestle with our individual choices for CPUs and motherboards. It’s also true, however, that the feature sets of modern motherboards are driven by the chipsets that lay at the heart of your system. That’s not to say that motherboards are all alike, even those that use the same chipset. Motherboard manufacturers add value by adding key design elements, like I/O slot layout, the robustness of the power regulation, and BIOS design. Motherboard makers can also expand on the abilities of the core logic. For example, a motherboard maker may add external FireWire chips, or add another SAT controller for greater storage flexibility.
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The Best Free iPhone 3G Apps

Apple has launched its app store and there’s a bunch of great stuff to download for your iPhone. But not everybody wants to spend their hard earned cash on applications so I’ve put together a list of twenty five of my favorite free iPhone applications.

Yup, that’s right…free! You don’t have to pay a dime to get these awesome applications. And all of them will work with the iPhone 3G or the original iPhone (which I call the iPhone Classic).

Here’s my favorite 25 free iPhone apps and plus a special bonus application.

Happy downloading!
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Netbook : Impact and Implications

Ever since the EEE PC was launched way back in October 2007, the concept of the Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPCs) was turned on its head. Previously, UMPCs could hardly be called affordable, and having one usually invites more comments about your wallet rather than demanding needs. Ultra-mobile computing, mark II was hardly revolutionary in the technological sense. However, the way it seemingly addresses (or looks to be) the needs of a generation, was.

It’s not even a year since the first netbook arrived on the scene, and yet, the market has now developed to the point where you have a full range of netbooks at different price points. Ranging from as low as SGD398 (at one point) to SGD1,199 and all points in between; it feels as though the netbook is a mature product.

With such a sudden and unexpected burst of growth, it wouldn’t seem strange to think that somehow, its growth has hurt the sales of conventional notebooks.
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