Apple VS Android History and User Info

A brief history of iPhone and Android, and the differences between users of both are the subjects of this infographic charts key events in the evolution of the iPhone and Android between 2005 and 2008.


2005 – Apple acquires “fingerworks”, whose technology is the foundation of many Apple touch screen products.
2006 – Steve Jobs contacts glass maker “Coming” who has a glass that is lightweight, thin but very strong. This is the glass used to make many iPods and iPhones.
2007 – After 3 years and $150 million dollars invested in development, the first iPhone goes on sale. Steve Jobs unveils it at Macworld in San Francisco.

– 67% more likely to have an annual household income of $200k+.
– 18% More likely to be women.
– 13% more likely to play an instrument.
– 22% more likely to have used the Internet before 1992.
– 67% more likely to back up their computer constantly.
– Exclusive Apps: SIRI, Instagram.

2005 – Google’s Larry Page buys Android, sensing that the future of the Internet is goin g to revolve around mobile devices.
2007 – The Android OS is unveiled to the “Open Handset Alliance”. These are a group of companies who develop standards for mobile devices. Companies include Inter, HTC, LG, motorola and more.
2008 – The HTC Dream is the first Android phone to go on sale.

– 24% more likely to have an annual household income between $50-$100k.
– 10% more likely to be men.
– 71% more likely to have never traveled outside their native country.
– 47% more likely to have used the Internet after 2000.
– 12% more likely to have pets.
– Exclusive Apps: SMYPE, Google Voice.

– 23% other smartphones.
– 30% of people use iPhones.
– 47% of people use Android smartphones.
– 45.2% of iPhone apps are free.
– 54.8% of Android apps are free.
– 75% of Android apps are safe.
– 25% of Android apps are security risk.