Air Playit-Audio Video Streaming Software for iOS Device

Air Playit is a free audio video streaming software introduced by Digiarty Software. To all the iOS device users, Air Playit is a step forward for transmitting multimedia files from the computer to iPad(and the new iPad as well), iPhone and iPod because it provides them with a new and simple way to transfer and remote play their videos and music.

Making use of Wi-Fi, 3G/4G capability of these devices, Air Playit is able to stream the multimedia files directly without any pre-conversion. The strongest feature of this audio video streaming software lies in its full compatibility with 320 different video and audio formats, which means that you could stream any video, movie or music file wirelessly to your iOS device like a breeze. With Air Playit, you could end the days when you have to transfer media content from your computer via iTunes and date wire.

Other features offered by Air Playit include:

*Live Conversion
Air Playit is capable of converting the video and audio format at real time when streaming the media files from your PC or Mac. Users could thus play the video and music with the device without waiting at all.
* Download Audio Video Files
This software enables users to download the audio video files to iPhone, iPhone or iPod over WiFi, 3G/4G network and allow them to play when they do not have Internet access.
* Access via Any Web Browser.
Built with HTTP server, Air Playit even lets users access the audio and video folders stored on a computer via any web browser and then play them.

How Does Air Playit Work to Stream Audio and Video?

Air Playit works on a client-server model, which means that a server software works on your PC or Mac, while a client application is installed on your iPhone, iPhone or iPod.
The server software could be downloaded on their official site. A reminder is that it is available in both Windows and Mac versions for different users to free download, so you will need to choose the proper one. The client app could be found on both Air Playit’s site and App Store.

The server is basically used to specify the media files to be shared with the device via network, and the app client installed on your device then receives the streamed audio and video for your convenient playback.

Setting up Air Playit server software, choose “Shared Folders” option. As the name suggests, you could add the video or audio folders that you need to stream to your device. You can also set permission to the shared files for privacy.

Then choose one app version, and install the client app for iPad or app for iPhone/iPod. After launching Air Playit app, you will see that it could automatically find local Air Playit server and get all the shared video music folders you on the server end shown on your device.

Browse and pen the folder you like, just click “Play” to enjoy the music and videos on the go even if you are miles from your computer.