Adobe Connect 9.2.2 Patch Released

The Adobe Connect 9.2.2 On Premise (Licensed) patch is now available for download by licensed (On-Premise) customres. It is intended for installation on Adobe Connect servers already running 9.2, as this is a patch (not a full install) intended for all licensed clusters running Adobe Connect version 9.2.1.

Maintenance Release 9.2.2 is to address critical issues with the product regarding stability and performance. All bugs resolved address escalations reported by customers. The release also addresses enhancements in ConnectPro, CQ, Producer and FMS.

The patch can be downloaded along with the deployment instructions from below.

Note: This patch is intended for all licensed server running Adobe Connect version 9.2. The patch should be installed on top of 9.2.

The following bug(s) have been addressed in this patch:

  • 3709509 EPV: MP4 conversion queue can get stuck, if all jobs are in pending or download state and require to be retried
  • 3728565 Null Pointer exception is coming when highlight active speaker on video is on and you switch VideoLayouts
  • 3726551 Set DB_NETWORK_TIMEOUT=30 in default CPS configs
  • 3703052 Allow Social login for events to be checked by default under the Administration -> Edit login policies
  • 3709558 Colorado dept of Health care, Escalation; NA11: Status of users in a curriculum not reflected correctly in the Reports section.
  • 3724172 Enable INFO logging for the wrapper
  • 3722687 Memory leak seen in case of PPTX load-unload scenario when PPTX is uploaded in a share pod.
  • 3721906 Addin crashing on Winxp while making offline flv
  • 3530363 ICS file not formatted correctly
  • 3719783 [Localization] When user tries to login for an event where the event does not require a password, the user is thrown with a message
  • 3719777 Events do not require password, anyone who knows the event registration and login URLs can register as any existing Connect user and can view all the content in the Connect Central
  • 3719181 LDAP auth not logging users immediately in after automatic account creation
  • 3718160 User with full admin rights is not able to delete previously created seminar
  • 3548038 CMS 508 JAWS; Events; Name field doesn’t list that it is the “Name of the Event field”
  • 3716447 Not able to restore add-in size while offline conversion is taking place
  • 3715429 Licensed Reports: Reporting_View_Training_Status view returns duplicate records
  • 3548043 Accessibility: CMS 508 JAWS; Events; Custom URL field doesn’t announce that this is for the Event custom URL.
  • 3713336 Older versions of meetings remain in Cache despite their pointer being removed from DB
  • 3713262 cost center swf loaded infront of text fields while creating meeting from the local connect server
  • 3712400 Open recording in 1024*768 mode by default rather than in Maximized mode to avoid audiovideo sync issues.
  • 3711910 MeetingOne: Timer during recording playback doesn’t progress
  • 3711887 meeting stuck on connecting.
  • 3711001 SCORM Wrapper issue – Message with latest content reads: Skillsoft Course Player has encountered an error
  • 3710966 Newly created users having all the required permissions to create a VC, get a ‘Not Authorized’ error message upon creating one
  • 3710165 Maximum number of attempts of training exceeded
  • 3548757 Accessibility: CMS 508 JAWS Events; Speaker Overview text box is not labeled as speaker overview.
  • 3709517 Visuals doesn’t show up in Offline FLV recordings created from Windows 8
  • 3729034 Registration page of Events created before C921, gives ‘Cannot serve request to… Apache error’ and Reset button appears cropped
  • 3706153 Flex-based Curriculum Report not returning data in the UI for large enrollment
  • 3694429 Accessibility: CMS: 508 JAWS: Q&A Pod Participant View JAWS cannot read any of the questions / answers that appear in the list box
  • 3702598 Mac Specific: Can’t click Accept/Deny OR Yes/No buttons in the Flash Player settings dialog box in NPAPI based FP12 for Chrome
  • 3700159 While importing users using CSV, records that already exist as guest are just skipped
  • 3699113 Deleting a seminar room spoils all recordings ever created from that seminar room
  • 3548053 CMS 508 JAWS; Events; Register Without a Password doesn’t announce the checkbox and what it is used for
  • 3697594 XML API – Certain incorrect Lang values not triggering error when creating Meetings
  • 3548740 Escalation: CMS 508 JAWS Events Start Time: it should state day, month, year, time for each combo box
  • 3695120 Meeting exceptions – TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference
  • 3695077 Accessibility: CMS: 508 JAWS: Web Links pod items voicing incorrectly
  • 3685587 Event registration email stop going out after some time because the event asset folder gets purged from the both the NAS and the app servers cache
  • 3691960 Adding minutes to a burst pack pool that is negative will fail
  • 3691955 invalid limit value-gte error
  • 3688608 Full System Usage report shows very high storage consumption under meeting summary, but lower than system usage
  • 3548745 CMS 508 JAWS Events End Time: it should state day, month year, time in each combo box
  • 3675311 Audio/Video Out of sync in Offline FLV
  • 3678076 Seminar tab slow to load in WebApp
  • 3548750 Escalation: CMS 508 JAWS Events Registration Limit: label is incorrect for check box
  • 3631205 Accessibility: CMS: 508 JAWS: When accessing the CQ Event Catalog page, there is manifest ambiguity
  • 3725027 User Limit Reached errors when trying to get into sessions, despite not having the threshold met for concurrent users
  • 3726136 Intercall conference fails to start with Message: JAXP00010001: The parser has encountered more than “64000” entity expansions in this document